Janice Miller Seminar Info

Jean please post this on the web!

Hello Ladies,

This is a
reminder to those of you who haven’t already signed up that time is getting
short for those who want to attend the Janice Miller seminar June 24-26.  Class
fee is $45.00 each day and the surface fee is $18.00 for the tote and $12.00 for
the plate.  The surfaces will already be prepped and ready to paint when you
arrive in class.

Janice needs to order the tote bags and plates very
soon in order for her to prep them before the seminar.  If you plan to attend
please let me know ASAP.  Also be sure to let me know if you will be ordering
the tote or plate from Janice so she has an accurate count for her order.  If
you bring your own bag it will need to be a dark color.

Al will be
giving us a price on the screen at the May meeting.

If you haven’t seen
the pieces yet, go to the MTDA website and check them out.  Friday’s project is
“Snowman Friends”, a fabric tote large enough to carry a laptop computer.
Saturday’s project is “Nice To Meet You”, on a porcelain plate and Sundays
project is “Barrel of Apples” painted on a nylon screen.

There are
still several openings for all three days but if you wait till the last minute
to sign up you will have to provide your own surface as well as prep it for

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

MTDA VP/Education

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