It is with great sadness that I post this message.  Bratt Andrews, President of our MTDA chapter has passed away.  I will post more information as I find out.  Prayers for Bratt’s family and friends as well as for her friend Carol Winslow.  Condolences to all.


The daily supply fee of $12 per student includes the instructional packet, watercolor paint on Styrofoam plate, watercolor/Giniwashi paper and misc. mediums and supplies. I will have Scharff brushes for sale.

These are supplies I consider “regular painting supplies.”
• Two water containers • Pop-up tissues (cheap Kleenex- no lotion) • Paper towels or an old towel to blot your paint brush • Soft rag about the size of a wash cloth (to scrub watercolor off your painting) • A board to support your painting is helpful (a white board, or a plastic sign board or gator board or plexiglass, but NOT cardboard) • A pencil, eraser and ruler • Brushes (you can use your brushes used for acrylic painting, you do not have to use the brushes I use): • Scharif #960 Aqua Flow Super Round or a ~/2” flat brush for painting backgrounds • A large and small round brush; I use Scharff #310 No. 4 and No. 8 which are similar in size to a #8 and #12 in other brands (white nylon brush) • Scrubby brushes to remove paint, I use Scharff #222 Moon brushes in sizes #2 to #10 • 3” Hake brush to wet the paper-optional • Liner or small round for detail work • Spray bottle

For Ditch Flowers and Poppies (size is approx. 11” x 23”) bring:
• A cheap brand of masking tape about 2” wide • Ruler and pencil • Scissors • A pallet knife or #8 round brush for applying masking fluid • Soap to coat your brush before using masking fluid

For Pollen Count (size 15” x 11”) bring:
• Ruler and pencil • Watercolor pencils, a cheaper brand works better, like General/Kimberly in at least 3 colors including a yellow, red and a light blue • Scissors • Soft rag about the size of a wash cloth or so.

For Spring Flowers Trilogy (batik) bring:
• A permanent black pen like a Micron #01 or #05 (.05 is a thicker line) or an ultra fine Sharpie or a Sakura Identi-Pen. I prefer a thicker line, but use what you like. • Bring at least 30 sheets of newspapers to use in ironing out the wax. Do not bring the shiny ads. • Optional- Caran d’Arche Neocolor II artist water soluble crayons (this is to make corrections, you probably won’t need them.) • White board, or freezer paper or white paper to place under the design to see the colors on the transparent Giniwashi paper. • We will trace the designs in class. • I will bring the brushes for the wax. The chapter will provide the wax, use of the electric fry pans to melt the wax and irons, extension cords.


I found out today that our painting friend, Barbara Duke, has passed away.  She was surrounded by family last night when she passed.  No arrangements yet.  Will post as I receive info.  Please keep Barbara and her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.  She will be missed by many.


May Workshop

Please join me for the May Workshop to paint this adorable bear who brings a message “Let’s Paint”!  You can purchase a black cotton bag at Hobby Lobby for $3.99, which needs to be washed (no fabric softener), dried and ironed.  You will also need a piece of cardboard to go inside the bag just to firm up the surface for you.  This is a grisaille technique, which uses the dark background to help with the shadows.  We will be stippling most of the design to get the “furry” look of the bear.  I promise this will be a fun and easy class for all.  
Here is what you will need:  1/4″ Deerfoot Stippler Brush I (I used an old #2 flat that has seen better days and was flayed out)
# 4 Shader
#6 Filbert
#0 Liner
#2 Round
I would strongly urge you to just bring what you have and don’t forget your old “scruffies”. The main thing is they need to be smaller sized brushes as listed.
Other supplies (besides usual painting supplies): Here are the So Soft colors we will be using, just in case you want to bring your own and I will wave the $3.00 palette fee:
Antique Gold, Black, Brown, Burnt Sienna, Buttermilk, Christmas Red, Honey Brown, Neon (or Fiery) Red, White
Also bring a chalk pencil for transfering the pattern and tracing paper.
You could also paint this for a Grandchild and put their name on the chalk board instead of the “Let’s Paint”. It would be a darling gift!
Hope to see you in this May workshop.

Pat McIntosh


Carol Spohn seminar – May 4, 5, 6 2017

Ditch Poppies will be on Thursday – regular watercolor
Pollen Count on Friday – Multi Media
Spring Trilogy on Saturday – Batik

Class is $45 per day and supply cost of $12 per day. Your supply cost includes the watercolor paper, paint/mediums, pattern packet, color photograph of the project and line drawing for each student.

Classes will be held at Plaza Art – Nashville.  9a.m.-5p.m.


Marty Posey will be teaching our March workshop – Cost is $8 plus $5 palette fee for a total of $13. No extra charge for visitors but they will need to pay for class and register. Visitors will get a certificate for a free workshop valid during 2017 if they become a member.

Marty will provide a practice surface and paints. If you choose to bring your own wooden surface – size approximately 8×10 – please sand, seal and sand – DO NOT paint it black. Looking forward to learning this technique that she will be teaching. Please contact Debbi Weston to register for this class prior to March 6th.