Teacher: Sandee Lemons

Project: Jesus is the Reason plate

Date: Saturday, September 21, 2019

Cost: $8 class fee + $2 palette fee = $10

Place: Sam Davis Masonic Lodge, Smyrna

Original piece is painted on a round metal plate but can be painted on surface of your choice. Actual pattern is 7″ round and was painted on an 8″ round plate. Paints, picture and instructions will be furnished. Contact Debbi Weston to sign up for this workshop.

BRUSHES: #6, 8, 10 flat, #00 & #2 lines, #4 or #6 round, a mop and/or sizes that work best for you.

PREP: If using a metal surface, wash with vinegar and water. Dry thoroughly – even overnight might be necessary –you don’t want any water drops in crevices or hidden areas.

Spray with 2-3 coats of white or grey primer, front and back. Dry well between coats. Base with Desert Sand. The back can be painted either with Desert Sand or Black or color of your choice.

Line drawing and painting instructions will be given out at the meeting.