Teacher: Sandee Lemons

Project: Jesus is the Reason plate

Date: Saturday, September 21, 2019

Cost: $8 class fee + $2 palette fee = $10

Place: Sam Davis Masonic Lodge, Smyrna

Original piece is painted on a round metal plate but can be painted on surface of your choice. Actual pattern is 7″ round and was painted on an 8″ round plate. Paints, picture and instructions will be furnished. Contact Debbi Weston to sign up for this workshop.

BRUSHES: #6, 8, 10 flat, #00 & #2 lines, #4 or #6 round, a mop and/or sizes that work best for you.

PREP: If using a metal surface, wash with vinegar and water. Dry thoroughly – even overnight might be necessary –you don’t want any water drops in crevices or hidden areas.

Spray with 2-3 coats of white or grey primer, front and back. Dry well between coats. Base with Desert Sand. The back can be painted either with Desert Sand or Black or color of your choice.

Line drawing and painting instructions will be given out at the meeting.


This class will be taught by Joyce Shelton from Knoxville. Class date is 10-19-19. Cut-off date for registering is 10-4-19.

Supplies: kneaded eraser, .01 permanent ink pen (Joyce uses a Micron) and a board at least 10×12 inches. Joyce will furnish the paper that the project is on.

Please contact Betty Hooper to register for this class. Cost of the class is $25. Class will be held at the Sam Davis Masonic Lodge in Smyrna.


The teacher’s list has been updated here on the website. Click classes at the top of the page and you will be taken to the list of teachers. Thank you to all who submitted info. A special thank you to Sally Harren for calling, emailing and gathering the information to make this new list possible.


Christmas Tree Dotting Project
Cindy Moore’s workshop

Cost is $8 for class and $4 palette fee which includes your surface and all paints. Total cost is $12 for this class. If you haven’t signed up yet for this fun class it is not too late but Debbi Weston needs to know by Sunday, July 7th. You may pay at the meeting but need to get your name on the list ASAP.

Dotting Tools – I will be providing these for the class with the option to buy after the workshop. If you have the Dotting Tools already – please bring them
Styluses – I will be providing these with the option to buy after the workshop
Light (Battery powered if you have it)
Plastic Palette (8 to 10 wells) Cheap $1.00 one
White Graphite
Paper Towels
Water Container
1/4″ angular brush (cheap one to lift dots off)

I am providing paint and 8″ x 10″ canvas prepped and ready for the workshop as well as the tools.

Contact Debbi Weston at to sign up.



As most of you know, Connie Slaughterback and her husband Jerry recently moved to Texas. I have received sad news that Connie’s husband passed away yesterday morning. Please keep Connie in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. If anyone has her new address, please email it to me.


Our first project for Ways and Means

We will be selling our hand painted ornaments in fall craft sales. We are asking for your help in the following ways:

Our workshop in the May meeting will be painting ornaments. We would appreciate any donations of paint, patterns or ornament surfaces for this workshop. We are also asking that each member hand paint 10 ornaments to be added to the craft sales. All proceeds will go back to the club.

Thank you, Vivian Karros


Some basic information regarding Shari Reiner classes – When you pay for class I will mail your pattern packet which includes prep instructions.

Please note: Sizes for the pumpkin tray and santa helpers has changed.

Pumpkin Tray pattern measures 11 x 17

Snow Santas pattern measures 12 x 12

Santa Helpers pattern measures 11 x 17

Shari painted her Pumpkin Tray on surface from Viking. The Snow Santas is on a tray insert from Smooth Cut Wood. The Santa Helpers board is from Painters Paradise. You are welcome to paint on any surface you choose. If you want to order from sources above it will be up to you to do so – we will not be ordering as a group. Thanks so much. Debbi Weston



Thursdays; starting April 4th Time: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Kroger’s Supermarket Meeting Room
4726 Traders Way
Thompsons Station, TN (Spring Hill, TN)

Contact Pam Bradley for questions or to let her know you plan to come.
Cell# 972-571-7283 (call or text)


Shara Reiner will be coming to paint with our painting club on August 8, 9, & 10, 2019. Cost will be $50 per day for MTA members and $65 for non-members. Seats will go fast for this seminar so get your name and money in to Debbi Weston. You may contact Debbi via email to sign up at or you can just send her a check made out to MTA. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Debbi.

The seminar will be held at Plaza Arts in Nashville. Time to be determined.

Thursday class August 8. Tray is 11 x 17 from Viking.

Friday class August 9. Size is 12 x 12 and board is a tray insert from Smooth Cut Wood.

Saturday class August 10. Board is 11 x 17 from Painter’s Paradise.