B2 Garden Inspirations Hayes, Elizabeth Floral 1998 Oils
B4 Cherished Heirlooms Mullins, Dorothy CDA Floral 1995 Oils
B6 Country Gardens from Cedar Leisure, Mary Jo MDA Floral 1995 Oils
B8 Old Fashion Garden Vol.3 Nuttal, Peggy Mixed 1997 Oils
B10 Heart To Heart Floral Accents Cagle, Gretchen Floral 1992 Oils
B12 Simply Wonderful Cisco, Carol Lee Mixed 1994 Oils
B13 Showers of Flowers Waterson, Donna Bryant Floral 2003 Oils
B14 Blossoms and Bows Payne, Sherry Floral 2001 Acrylic
B16 Art With Heart-Vol. 3 Whisenhunt, Dorothy Variety 2001 Acrylic
B18 Still Dreaming Braun, Avis Floral 2000 Acrylic
B20 Flowers for Your Room Myer & Jones Floral 2002 Acrylic
B21 The Painters Choice Hayes, Elizabeth Floral/Veg. 2002 Oils/Acrylic
B22 Sentimental Hearts Buononato, Sharon CDA Floral 1997 Acrylic
B23 An Indoor Garden Ginger Edwards Floral 2003 Acrylic
B24 Heirlooms "Soft and Elegant" Hayman, Joanne Floral 1997 Acrylic
B26 Secret Garden Reuther, Kathy Floral 1997 Watercolor
B28 Beverly's Booth Booth, Beverly Still 1998 Acrylic
B30 Co. Friends a Loving Heart Ronnie Bringle Country 1996 Acrylic
B32 Folk Art With Enid Hoessinger, Enids Folk Art 1993 Acrylic
B34 Fathers of Dec. Painting DAC Collection History 2003 none
B36 Basics in Folk Art & Tole Howard, Joyce Folk Art 1979 Acrylic
B38 Painting in the Primitive Style Harrington, Norma Folk Art 1987 Acrylic
B40 Flowers, Fruits and Friends Thurmond, Vi Misc   Acrylic
B42 Merry Peasant, The Vol. II Rowley, Londi Floral 1994 Acrylic
B44 Merry Peasant, The Vol. III Rowley, Londi Floral 1996 Acrylic
B46 Fruit and Country Crates Severson, Corinne Cute 1985 Acrylic
B48 Country Folk Vol. 4 Hunter, Darcie Cute 1989 Acrylic
B50 Melinds's Folk Art Neist, Melinda Floral 1993 Acrylic
B52 Country Tin, Vol2 Penycook Variety 2004  
B54 Expressions of Elegance V.2 Downing, Jeanne Misc 1995 Oils
B58 From Sherrys Brush Nelson, Sherry Birds 1996 Oils
B58A From Sherrys Brush Nelson, Sherry Birds 1996 Oils
B60 Nature's Beauties Nutter, Judy Birds 1992 Any
B62 Paint a Harvest Deco Art Christmas 1995 Acrylic
B64 Teeny Tiny Treasures Bringle, Ronnie Mixed 2000 Acrylic
B66 Critters in My Garden Nelson, Sherry Animal 1997 Oils
B68 Wild Things, Book 2 McCullah, Mary Misc 1996 Acrylic
B70 Our Farm Friends Thurmond, Vi Animals 1980 Oils
B74 Baby Animal Tray Parade Harris, Peggy Animal 2005 Acrylic
B76 Some Bunny's Stuck on you Harris, Peggy Animals 2000 Acrylic
B78 Adorable Baby Animals Harris, Peggy Animals 1998 Acrylic
B80 Sing a Happy Song Harris, Peggy Animal 2000 Acrylic
B82 Copy Cats & Cut Ups Harris, Peggy Animal 2001 Acrylic
B84 Home For All Seasons 1998 Toews, Debbie Variety 1998 Acrylic
B86 More Acrylic Blending #2 DeRenzo, Pattie Variety 1992 Acrylic/Oil
B87 More Acrylic Blending #3 DeRenzo, Pattie Variety 1993 Acrylic
B88 Going Places Toews, Debbie Landscapes 2003 Acrylic
B90 Landscapes Vol. 6 Poulos, Norma Landscapes 1991 Oil
B91 Memories of Summer Esa Nieminen Landscapes 2002 Acrylic
B92 Miniature Landscapes Gutcher, John Landscape 2000 Acrylic
B94 Country Thyme Gregory, Teresa Variety 1997 Acrylic
B96 10th Anniversary of Blessings Thorton, Chris Floral 1997 Acrylic
B97 (2)10th Anniversary of Blessings Thorton, Chris Floral 1997 Acrylic
B98 A Painters Garden 2 Dillon, Jane Fruits 1997 Acrylic
B100 Between the Vines Mills-Price, Jamie Variety 2002 Acrylic
B102 Between the Vines 3 Mills-Price, Jamie Variety 1999 Acrylic
B103 Paint It Pretty Nishizawa, Yuki Variety 1994 Acrylic
B104 Acrylic Charms Rachal, Sharon Floral 1994 Acrylic
B106 Seasonally Distinctive Diephouse,/Deptula Seasonal 2003 Acrylic
B108 Harron's Nest Harron, Nancy Floral 2000 Acrylic
B110 The Garden Brown, Susan Scheewe Variety 1998 Acrylic
B114 Flower Pot Parade Burns, Gigi Smith Variety 2003 Acrylic
B116 Painted Tiles, From the Garden Wilhite-Kueneman, Nancy Variety 1999 Patio Paint
B118 Creative Watercolour Tech. Bolton, Richard Variety 2003 Watercolour
B120 Special Moments Jackson, Louise Variety 2003 Acrylic
B122 Watercolor Step-By-Step Spires, Mary B. Landscape 1984 Watercolor
B124 Make Believe Fairy Tales Takashima, Bobbie     Acrylic
B126 Paint Me a Happy Heart JoSonja Misc 1989 Acrylic
B128 Bear Hugs & Jelly Beans   Christmas 1989 Acrylic
B129 So You Want to Paint Roses Chaney, Charlotte Roses   Acrylic
B130 Rose Magic Milhano, Leanne Roses 2005 Genesis
B131 Lighted Windows and Garden Beachman, Bill     Oils
B132 Very Pretty Vases Bailey, Sue Variety 2004  
B134 A Circle of Flowers Parella, Donna Lee Floral 2003 Acrylic
B136 Roses, Rosebuds & Vines Johnson, Joan Floral 1987 Oils
B138 Roses, Lace & Dewdrops Johnson, Joan Floral   Oils
B140 Rose Workbook Favorite Artists Floral 1996 Acrylics
B142 Jenkins Art Workshop Vol.8 Jenkins,Gary&Kathwren variety 1995 Oils
B144 Jenkins Art Workshop Vol.10 Jenkins,Gary&Kathwren Floral 1996 Oils
B146 Jenkins Art Workshop V.7 Jenkins,Gary&Kathwren variety 1994 Oils
B148 Acrylic Blending Basic DeRenzo, Pattie Still Life 1999 Acrylic
B150 Distinctive Still Lifes Diephouse, Judy Still Life 1996 Acrylic
B152 Pencil and Paint Roberts, Helen Still Life 1985 Oils,Acrylic
B154 Tole Red Richardson, Annie Misc 1986 Oils/Alkyds
B156 Tole Red Richardson, Annie Technique 1976 Oils
B158 Tole Yellow Richardson, Annie Technique 1977 Oils
B160 Tole Blue Richardson, Annie Technique 1977 Oils
B162 Tole Orange Richardson, Annie Technique 1978 Oils
B164 Tole Purple Richardson, Annie Technique 1979 Oils
B166 Tole Brown Richardson, Annie Technique 1980 Oils
B168 Tole Red Two Richardson, Annie Misc    
B170 Merry Christmas Chronicles Wilson, Shirley Christmas 1994 Acrylics
B172 Merry Christmas Chronicles Wilson, Shirley Christmas 1999 Acrylic
B174 Miracles & Magic Wilson, Shirley Christmas 2003 Acrylic
B176 Christmas Paintables Jansen, Jo Sonja Christmas 2003 Acrylic
B178 A Snowman's Smile Vol.2 Pisoni, Susan Snow 1999 Acrylic
B180 Sentimental Holidays Buononato, Sharon CDA Holidays 1999 Acrylic
B182 Sentimental Seasons Buononato, Sharon CDA Floral 1997 Acrylic
B184 Holiday Heartwarmers #8 Jernigan, Sue Christmas 2002 Acrylics
B186 Holiday Heartwarmers #4 Jernigan, Sue Christmas 1998 Acrylic
B188 Make Believe Santas Book3 Takashima, Bobbie     Acrylic
B190 A Christmas Sampler Vol.II Cavin, Helen Christmas 1986 Acrylic
B191 Jillybean's Christmas Dream Fitzhenry, Jill Christmas 1990 Acrylic`
B196 Color Wheel To Portrait Pt Thurmond, Vi People 1984 Oils
B198 Whippersnappers, Vol 1 Barrick, Helan Christmas 1989 Acrylic
B200 Whippersnappers, Vol 2 Barrick, Helan Animal 1987 Acrylic
B202 Whippersnappers, Vol II Barrick, Helan Mixed 1987 Acrylic
B203 Simply Snow Folks Pennycook, Bob Snow 2003 Acrylic
B204 Painters Book 4 Barrick, Helan Mixed 1994 Acrylic
B206 Angel Twigs 1 Barrick, Helan People 1995 Acrylic
B208 Fairytale Whippersnappers 2 Barrick, Helan People 1999 Acrylic
B210 Transparent Watercolor Theory Spires, Mary Christmas 1983 Acrylic
B212 College of Arts & Letters Gray, Bobbie & Jim Misc 1995 Acrylic
B214 Stitches & Strokes Diephouse/Lawton Seasonal   Acrylic
B216 Beginning Painters Color Mix Gutcher, John Technique 1998 Acrylic
B218 Brush Stroke Workbook Byrd, Betty Technique 1996 Acrylic
B220 Mastering Strokework Redick, Heather Strokework 2002 Acrylic
B222 Mastering Faux Fund. Meschbach, Kal-Heinz Technique 1995 Oils/Acrylic
B224 For Whom the Brush TolesV2 Hauser, Priscilla Mixed 1974 Oils
B226 For Whom the Brush TolesV3 Hauser, Priscilla Mixed 1976 Oils
B228 For Whom the Brush TolesV4 Hauser, Priscilla Mixed 1978 Oils
B230 Priscilla Hauser-Mini Painting DeWitt/Pittman Mixed 1974 Oils
B232 Priscilla Hauser-Memories in Mini Kimball/Lueck Landscape 1975 Oils
B234 Priscilla Hauser-Mini Oil Painting Rickman, Jane Mixed 1978 Oils
B236 Priscilla Hauser-Sand & Surf Cook, B.J. Seascapes 1977 Oils
B238 Priscilla Hauser-Miniature Oil Rickman, Jane Mixed 1977 Oils
B240 Priscilla Hauser-Acrylics, A FirstStp Christoffel/Perry Mixed 1979 Acrylic
B242 Priscilla Hauser-Minis Grow Up Beard, Trudy Mixed 1978 Oils
B244 The Goose N' The Gander 5 Smith, Milly Folk Art 1982 Acrylic
B246 There's Paint on Your Quail 6 Smith, Milly Folk Art 1984 Acrylics/Oils
B248 The Farmer and His Goose9 Smith, Milly Folk Art 1984 Acrylic
B250 The Joy of Country 12 Smith, Milly Folk Art 1986 Acrylic
B252 Bird N' Hand 10 Smith, Milly Folk Art 1985 Acrylic
B254 Gooseberry Patches 13 Smith, Milly Folk Art 1986 Acrylic
B256 Somethin' To Crow About 14 Smith, Milly Folk Art 1986 Acrylic
B258 Walk a Country Mile 8 Smith, Milly Folk Art 1984 Acrylic/Oil
B259 A Touch of Class with Glass Bratton, Aileen     Oils
B260 Jillybean's Placing Features Fitzhenry, Jill Faces 1991 Acrylic
B261 Jillybean's Faces made Easy Fitzhenry, Jill Faces 1991 Acrylic
B262 Lavender Blue Jackson, Louise   1988 Oils
B263 Still Life Studies Kingslan, Ann Still Life 1985 Oils
B265 Beginner's Guide to Freehand Decorative Painting Shaw, Jackie Technique    
B266 Simply Toled Cagle, Gretchen   1986 Oils
B267 Flowers - Thoughts/Theory Kingslan, Ann Technique 1987 Oils
B268 Pretty Painted Furniture Trierweiler, Diane Home Decor 2002 Acrylic
B269 Mini Murals You Can Paint Trout, Kerry Mixed 2002 Acrylic
B270 Painting Your Favorite Flowers Wiseman, Mary Floral 2001 Acrylic
B271 Fruits, Vegetables, and Berries Ritchie, Kathy Mixed 1997 Acrylic
B273 Summer Floral Lessons Deptula, Lynn     Acrylic
B274 Strokework Lessons 2 Diephouse, Judy Strokework   Acrylic
B275 Country Primitive 3 Thomas, Maxine     Acrylic
B276 Between the Vines 3 Mills-Price, Jamie     Acrylic
B277 Gran's Attic Stalcup, Ros     Acrylic
B278 Stitches and Strokes Diephouse/Lawton Fabric   Acrylic
B279 Priscilla's Tea Party Hauser, Priscilla Plates/Trays   Acrylic
B280 Priscilla's Beautiful Roses Hauser, Priscilla Roses   Acrylic
B281 Fur and Feathers Steeves. Lydia Animals/Birds   Color Pencil
B282 Fur and Feathers Vol. 2 Steeves. Lydia Animals   Color Pencil
B283 World of Enchantment Takashima, Bobbie Fantasy   Acrylic
B284 Strokework Lessons 3 Diephouse, Judy     Acrylic
B285 Seasons In Bloom Brown, Susan Scheewe     Acrylic/Watercolor
B286 Gran's Journey Stalcup, Ros Floral   Acrylic
B287 Seasonally Distinctive Diephouse J/Deptula, L     Acrylic
B288 Gifts for the Fifth Season Beck, Arlene     Acrylic
B289 Folk Art for All Seasons Vol. 2 West, Rosemary     Acrylic
B299 Decorative Painting by DecoArt DecoArt     Acrylic
B300 Scenes from the Mediterranean Teal-Coray, Sharon     Acrylic/Canvas
B301 YoHoHo Book one Paillex, Laure     Acrylic
B302 Office D�cor for Decorative Painters Rippe, Cindy     Acrylic
B303 Gift and Graces 3 Pena, Charlene     Acrylic
B304 The Painted Kitchen 10 Kitchen Projects Diephouse, Judy Kitchen   Acrylic
B305 Designed for You 4 Lockart, Cheri     Acrylic
B306 Antique Images Jones, Andy     Acrylic
B307 Pretty Painted Flowers Pruett, Sue Floral   Acrylic
B308 Keepsake Tins Vol. 1 Various/Provo Craft     Acrylic
B309 Artist Trading Cards Workshop Berlin, Bernie Artist Trading Cards   Acrylic/WC/Oil
B310 Great New Ways to Paint on Glass Bottrell, Julia Glass   Waterbase Glass Paint
B311 A Triple Treat Edwards, Langdon, Severson     Fabric
B312 Imagine by Michaels Michaels Family Projects   Acrylic
D-01 Demo Board 2012 Retreat Class Hooper, Betty     Acylic