P1 Stroke Roses, Petal By Petal Aileen Bratton Floral Oils
P2 Roses for My Lady Faye During Floral Oils
P4 Along The Fence Kathie George Floral Batik
P5 Victorian Rose Lois Sunquist, CDA Floral Oil
P6 Roses of Time Clock Cindy Schlotz Floral Acrylic
P7 Pink Wild Roses Terry Perniciaro, CDP Floral Fabric Paint
P8 Dining Room Roses Gloria Perkins Floral Oils
P9 Princess Lamp Gayle Oram Flowers & Fruit Acrylic
P10 Roses on Marbled Box Marlene Kreutz Floral Acrylic
P11 Bauernmalerei Vanity Tray Sherry Gall, CDA Stroke Acrylic
P12 Pastel Roses Heart Basket Kaye Freiberg, CDA Floral Acrylic
P13 Tapestry Floral Candle Box Kaye Freiberg, CDA Floral Acrylic
P14 Painting Book Cheri Lockart Floral Acrylic
P15 Petunias and Snowdrops Dorothy Mullins, CDA Floral Oils
P16 Watercolor Morning Glories Judy Nutter Floral Acrylic
P17 Morning Glory Lampshade Sharon Hamilton, CDA Floral Oils
P18 Eva's Iris Barbara Neff Floral Oils
P19 Beverly Sills Iris Betty S. Denton Floral Watercolor
P20 Dutch Iris & Crocus Dorothy Mullins, CDA floral Oils
P21 Bean Pot Cottage Mary Svenson, CDA Misc Acrylic
P22 Reflected Pansies Faye During Floral Oils/Alkyds
P23 Faces of Spring Mary McLean, CDA Floral Oils
P24 Pansies Marlene Kreutz Floral Acrylic
P25 Blueberry and Pansy Server Arlene Beck, MDA Floral Acrylic
P26 Burgundy Ruffled Pansies Eileen Sottovia, CDA Floral Oils
P27 Simply Sunflowers Judi Krause, CDA Floral Shirt Acrylic
P28 Tulips All Around Judi Krause, CDA Floral Shirt Acrylic
P29 Daylilies Clock Sharon Hamilton, CDA Floral Oils
P30 Roses are Pink Cheryl Gendreau Floral Acrylic
P31 Washington Awakens Bonnie Frederico, CDA Floral Oils
P32 Garden Potpourri Joyce Victor, CDA Floral Acrylics
P33 Tulip Plate Louise Jackson Floral Watercolor
P34 Double Peonies Louise Jackson Floral Oils or Alkyds
P35 Watercolor Peonies Louise Jackson Floral Watercolor
P36 You Are My Sunshine Jane Beley Floral Watercolor
P37 Daisy Frame Up Mary Ellen Clegg, CDA Floral Oils
P38 Looking Good Mary Ellen Clegg, CDA Floral Oils
P39 Battenbrg with Poppy&Grapes Jo Avis Moore, MDA Floral Fabric Dyes
P40 Watercolor Dogwood Peggy Garner Floral Watercolor
P41 French Country Day Lilies Shelly Gardner Floral Oils
P42 Magnolias Gloria Travassos James Floral Watercolor
P43 Tulip Magnolia Barbara Cissell Floral Watercolor
P44 Magnolia in Glass Vase Jo Hollingsworth Floral Oils
P45 Magnolia Bough Jo Hollingsworth Floral Oils
P46 Magnolia & Cardinal Jo Hollingsworth Floral Oils
P47 Magnolia in Burgandy Jo Hollingsworth Floral Oils
P48 Simply Leaves: Theory Dolores Lennon, MDA Leaves Oils
P49 Acrylic Leaf Study: Theory Sue Pruett, CDA Leaves Acrylic
P50 Floral Detail Techniques Arlene Beck, MDA Floral Acrylic
P51 Freehand Fun Tina Sue Norris Floral Acrylics
P52 Summer Reflections Mary Owens Still Life Oil & Ink
P53 Bowl of Fruit Mary M. Wiseman Fruit Acrylic
P54 Peaches on a Rustic Bowl LaRae Anderson Fruit Acrylic
P55 Shaker Seed Cabinet Jane Dillon Fruit Acrylic
P56 Strawberries and Daisies Patty Butters Fruit & Flowers Acrylic
P56A Old World Fruit Betty Caithness Fruit Acrylic
P57 Fun With Fruit Gretchen Cagle Fruit Oils
P58 Nashville Coffee Pot Janette Bullman Fruit Acrylic
P59 Cranberry Candle Holder Mary Svenson, CDA Fruit Acrylic
P60 Knotty Apples Cheri Rol, CDA Fruit Oils
P61 Fruit All Around Carol-Lee Cisco, CDA Fruit Oils
P62 Country Cherries Rosemary Bostic, CDA Fruit Oils
P63 Strawberries on a Plate Mary M. Wiseman Fruit Acrylic
P64 Summer Berries Cracker Tray Judy Walker Fruit Acrylic
P65 Garden Watering Can Prudy Vannier Vegetables Acrylic
P66 Vegetable Melody Robyn Thomas Vegetables Acrylic
P67 Peppers Basket Jackie O'Keefe Vegetables Acrylic
P68 Rosemaling Joyce Ann Stegeman Rosemaling Acrylic
P69 Simply Fruit Stenciled Betty Herron Fruit Paint Creme
P70 New England BlueberryBasket Susan P. Gualillo Berries Acrylic
P71 Kitchen Series Judy Duarte Fruit Acrylic
P72 Transparent Telemark Lamp Gayle Oram Rosemaling Acrylic
P73 Gudbrandsdal Flower Baroque Gayle Oram Rosemaling Acrylic
P74 Little Black Trinket Box Arlene Newman, CDA Rosemaling Acrylic
P75 Scalloped Bogaland Tray Kathy Anderson Rosemaling Acrylic
P76 Bunya's Floral Bouquet Onya Tolmasoff Rosemaling Acrylic
P77 Penn Dutch Crock J. Victor, CDA Strokes Acrylic
P78 Scalloped Bavarian Plate   Folk Art Acrylic
P79 Sunflowers & Graniteware Joyce Sieve, CDA Still Life Watercolor
P80 Memories Janet Snell Still Life Acrylic
P81 Spice Shelf Marsha Weiser, CDA Trompe L'Oeil Acrylic
P82 Box of Candles Marsha Weiser, CDA Trompe L'Oeil Acrylic
P83 Granite Coffe Pot With Biggin Carol-Lee Cisco, CDA Still Life Oils
P84 Garden Treasures Cheri Lockart Misc Acrylic
P85 Blue Crock and Bittersweet Terry Perniciaro, CDA Still Life Oils
P86 Laundry Days Jane Beley Still Life Oils
P87 Tennessee Waltz Carolyn Bacon Still Life Oils
P88 Curio Cupboard Mary Lucksted Still Life Acrylic
P89 Cider Time Shirley Wilson Still Life Acrylic
P90 Morning Tea Kathryn George Garden Window Watercolor
P91 Sea Harvest   Shells Oils
P92 Curio Cupboard Door Mary Lucksted Still Life Acrylic
P93 Wedding Bell Judi Krause Bell Oils
P94 Childhood Memories Mary Kingslan-GibiliscoCDA Still Life Oils
P95 Country Morning Mary McLean C.D.A. Still Life Oils
P96 Jolly Ol' St. Nick Jill Macfarlane Christmas Acrylic
P97 It Must Be St. Nick Jill Macfarlane Christmas Acrylic
P98 The Twelve Days of Christmas Barbar Neilsen Christmas Acrylic
P99 Santa Storage Box Ruth Ann Sturgill Christmas Acrylic
P100 Autumn Angel Yolanda Valdez Angel Acrylic
P101 Americana Santa Joyce Victor Christmas Acrylic
P102 Holiday Vest Mary Jane Jett Christmas So-Softs Fabric
P103 Christmas Is Love Sue Jernigan Christmas Acrylic
P104 Santa Among the Stars Barbara G. Hemphill Christmas Acrylic
P105 Noel Bess Daniel Christmas Acrylic
P106 Holiday Spirits Nedra Belden Christmas Acrylic
P107 A Snowberry Winter Trudy Beard Winter Oils
P108 Santa Sled - Believe John Gutcher Christmas Oils
P109 Little June Kumi Pickford Child Ink & Watercolor
P110 Mill in Winter Betty Herron Winter Oils
P111 Santa & Angel Fraktur Carolyn L. Phillips Christmas Acrylic
P111A Gifts For All Ronnie Bringle Christmas Acrylic
P112 Jingle Kringle Annette Long, CDA Christmas Oils
P113 Santa's Toys Susan K. Stamilio Christmas Acrylic
P114 Woodland Santa Ronnie Bingle Christmas Acrylic
P115 Not a Creature Was Stirring Peggy Harris Christmas Oils
P116 Joy to the World Peggy Harris Christmas Oils
P117 The Berry Bucket Morene Schultz Christmas Acrylic
P118 Holiday Guest Towels Jan Zawicki Christmas Acrylic
P119 Pink Pointsettia Lamp Sue Pruett, CDA Christmas Acrylic
P120 Musician Angels DeLane Lange Christmas Acrylic
P121 Golden Angel Kathye Besala, CDA Angel Acrylic
P122 LetLove&FaithNeverLeave You Rebecca Baer Angel Acrylic
P123 Candle In Oval Martha Ospena Christmas Card
P123A Angel Mink Board Nancy Lee Lenski, CDA Angel Fabric&Acrylic
P124 Paisley Angel Nancylee Lenski, CDA Angel Acrylic
P125 Primitive Christmas Joyce Howard Angel Acrylic
P126 Fabric Angel Box Judy Christensen Angel Acrylic
P127 Spring Retreat Barbara Neff Landscape Oils
P128 Golden Isles Seascape Billie Strickland Seascape Acrylic
P129 Rambling Raspberries Paula J. Lawton Landscape&berries Acrylic
P130 Hows The Weather Therm. Margaret Kotsi Winter Acrylic
P131 Mill In Fall Betty Herron Landscape Oils
P132 Tennessee Country Cheryl Cain, CDA Landscape Oils
P133 Midwinter Storm Dorothy Dent Landscape Oils
P134 Country Farmhouse Dorothy Dent Landscape Oils
P135 Beyond The Garden Gate Sharon Buononato, CDA Landscape Acrylic
P136 Handsaw with Shaker Pegs Judy Harvey Landscape Acrylic
P137 Sap's Barn Gloria Travassos James Landscape Watercolor
P138 Schnauzer Puppies Judy Harvey, CDA Puppies Oils
P139 Little Lambs'N Ivy Wanda Beauchamp Lambs Acrylic
P140 The Gang's All Here Trudy Beard Teddy Bears Oils
P141 The Hideout Peggy Harris Raccoons Acrylic
P142 News Hound Peggy Harris Puppy Acrylic
P143 Let The Sun Shine In Peggy Harris Deer Acrylic
P144 Ribbon 'N Blues Peggy Harris Kitten Oils
P145 Outfoxed Peggy Harris Fox Oils
P146 Rub A Dub, Pup Peggy Harris Puppy Oils
P147 The Rookie Peggy Harris Puppy Oils
P148 The Chief Peggy Harris Puppy Oils
P149 Popcorn Mouse House Antoinette Cox Misc Acrylic
P150 Babies Are Heaven Sent Nanette Rasband Hilton Angel Bear Acrylic
P151 No Bad Bears Dorothy Whisenhunt Teddy Bears Oils
P152 Yorkie on a Plate Linda C. McDonald Dog Pastels
P153 Sam and Teddy, Buddies Linda C. McDonald Puppy & Bear Pastels
P154 Watching Mary McCullah, CDA Tiger Acrylic
P155 The Alphas Mary Mccullah Wolf Oils
P156 Party of Five Andrea Lyness Cats Acrylic
P157 Peek-a-Boo Kitty Pat Crume Cat Acrylic
P158 Garden Spade   Bird Acrylic
P159 Land Ho! Peggy Harris Bird Acrylic
P160 Indian Leaf Butterfly Sherry C. Nelson Butterfly Oils
P161 Garden Sketches Jo Sonja Bee Hive Acrylic
P162 Bluebird & Roses Box Rosemary West CDA Bird Acrylic
P163 Birdhouse Surprise Box Rosemary West Birdhouse Acrylic
P164 Love is in the Air Peggy Harris Birds Oils
P165 Canada Goose, Water Scene Vi Thurmond Goose Acrylic
P166 The Bufflehead Drake Sherry Nelson Bird Oils
P167 The Canvasback Drake Sherry Nelson Bird Oils
P168 Yellow Bird Jo Ann Devor Bird Acrylic
P169 Bird & Berry Napkin Holder Lynne Deptula Bird Acrylic
P170 White Throated Sparrow&Iris Sherry Nelson Bird Oils
P171 Hollyhocks & House Sparrow Sherry Nelson Bird Oils
P172 Rainbow Trout Judith Westegaard, CDA Fish Acrylic
P173 Butterfly Reef Fish Design Claudia Nice Fish Watercolor
P174 Seed Packets Bowman Misc Acrylic
P175 Memories Sampler Karen Chase Misc Acrylic
P176 Noah's Ark Chair Mitzi Bibens Chair Acrylic
P177 Barn Chair Mitzi Bibens Chair Acrylic
P178 Cape Cod Light Welcome Felicia Menard Lighthouse Acrylic
P179 Springtime in Holland, Mich. Nancy Lee Lenski, CDA Mixed Acrylic
P180 Spring and Summer Betty Caithness Landscape Acrylic
P181 Blessed Events Judi Krause Shoes Acrylic
P182 Nashville, Tn Tina Designs Mixed Oils or Alkyds
P183 Noah's Alphabet Trunk Betty Caithness Misc Acrylic
P184 House Brush Box Rosemary West, CDA House Acrylic
P185 Americana Letter Holder Ruth Dolsen Mixed Acrylic
P186 Love&Laughter Blessing Plt Ruth Dolsen Mixed Acrylic
P187 Acrylic Face Study Ruth Ann Sturgill Face Acrylic
P188 The Realistic Face Toni McGuire Baby Acrylic
P189 Study in Sepia Tone Face Kumi Pickford Face Oils
P190 Taylor Vi Thurmond Baby Oils
P191 Karine Kumi Pickford Face Watercolor
P192 Courtney-Earth Angel Susan L. Pisoni Face Fabric Paint
P193 Deputy Diago Jean Grommon, CDA Portrait Oils
P194 Miss Molly Mary Ellen Clegg, CDA Girl Acrylic
P195 Rose Angel Carol Bond, CDA Angel Acrylic
P196 Angels Linda Lee Biggs Angels Watercolor
P197 Cooking Angel DeLane Lange Angel Acrylic
P198 Families Are Like Quilts Nanette Rasband Hilton Frame Acrylic
P199 Face Study Kathleen Broussard Boy & Girl Acrylic
P200 Fishin' For Fun D. Hansen, Diane Eyre Clowns Acrylic
P201 Nordic Door Chime Brenda Stewart Children Acrylic
P202 Tiffany With Kittens DeLane Lange Girl Oils
P203 Angela Ronnie Bringle Angel Acrylic
P204 Best Friends Birthday Bobbie Takashima Mixed Acrylic
P205 Girlfriends Gloria Travassos James Mixed Acrylic
P206 Convention Bound   Mixed Fabric Paint
P207 Send in the Clowns Judy Krause Clown Acrylic
P208 The Candle Keeper Terrie L. Cordray, CDA Folkart Acrylic
P209 Angelic Thumb Piano Vicki Allwardt, CDA Angels Acrylic
P210 Headin' To Nashville Kay Pierce, CDA Cowboy Acrylic
P211 Creativity Class Tina Designs Theory Acrylic
P212 Discover Color Pat Crume Theory Any
P213 Busy Bees Surprise Box Rosemary West Mixed Acrylic
P214 Tennessee Iris Kennedy, Bernie Floral Acrylic
P215 MTDA Logo Pattern      
P216 MTDA Logo Pattern      
P217 MTDA Logo Pattern      
P218 Vegetable & Fruit Study Arlene Beck, MDA   Acrylic
P219 The Southern Magnolia Linda Wise   Acrylic

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