V1 Etched Glass, Rub on Designs Plaid View n' Do Series
V2 Gallery Glass, Glass Art Plaid View n' Do Series
V3 Gallery Glass, Window Color Plaid View n' Do Series
V6 Perfect Palette Vol.#9 Richetts, Macfarlane
V7 Understanding Artist Brushes Winsor & Newton
V8 Victorian Faux Finish Charles Johnson
V9 VQDP, Vol.1, No.3 Stewart, Wilson, Nuttall, Egan
V10 Watercolor With Acrylics Donna Spiegel, Plaid
V11 Heart to Heart, Painted in Pink Gretchen Cagle
V12 Painting Baby Animals Vol 1 Peggy Harris
V13 Painting Baby Animals Vol 2 Peggy Harris
V14 Painting Baby Animals Vol 3 Peggy Harris
V15 Tole Talk Video #1 The Artist Club
V16 Retailer Employee Training Video Fabric Paints, Deco Art
V17 Retailer Employee Training Video Hard Surfaces, Deco Art
V19 Perfect Palette, Blending Tecniques Patti DeRenzo, CDA
V22 Perfect Palette, The Elegant Rose Jeanne Downing, CDA
V24 Country Treasures Ronnie Bringle
V25 Pine Tree Lane Sharon Buononato
V26 Perfect Palette, Open Roses Heather Redick, CDA
V27 Perfect Palette,Basic Glass &Drop Patti DeRenzo, CDA
V28 Bear Time Stories Debbie Cole, CDA
V30 One Brush Florals, Faux Finishes Sandy Aubuchon
V31 Regal Blue Santa Susie Wolfe, CDA
V32 Basic Techniques, Stencil&Paint Folk Art
V33 One Stroke Painting Donna Dewberry , Plaid Folk Art
V34 Video Library Series, Vol 1 Folk Art One Stroke Flowers
V35 Video Library Series, Vol 2 Folk Art One Stroke Fruits
V36 Video Library Series, Vol 3 Folk Art One Stroke Advanced Tech
V37 Video Library Series Vol 4 Folk Art One Stroke Garden Flowers
V38 Santa Techniques Delane Lange
V39 Portraits, A Simple Method Vi Thurmond
V40 Paint with Love, Vol 2 Peggy Harris
V41 Paint with Love, Vol 1 Peggy Harris
V42 Fun and Realistic Fur Techniques DeLane Lange
V43 Zhostovo Floral Tech. Vol.3 Roses Joiner, Trisha/Letkov, Slava
V44 Garden Bouquets Folk Art One Stroke
V45 Walls and Furniture Folk Art One Stroke
V46 Brush Lettering Ken Brown
V47 Creating with Scratchboard Sally Maxwell
V48 Faux Finishes Rose Egeo Marble Lars Kristiansen
V49 Faux Finishes Antico Amarillo Marble Lars Kristiansen
V50 Faux Finishes Imaro Green Marble Lars Kristiansen
V51 Perfect Palette, #3 Downing, Ciccoletta, Harrington
V52 Perfect Palette, #5 Rol, Thurmond, DeRenzo,Westeguard
V53 Perfect Palette, #6 Lyness, Jackson, Botts, Waterson
V54 Perfect Palette, #8 Jernigan, Stoner, Owens, McCullah
V55 Perfect Palette, #7 Sims, Ammann, Clarke, Ulvilden
V56 Perfect Palette, #10 Kingslan, Fisher, Olson, Dewberry
V57 Perfect Palette, #12 Jansen, Spires, DeRenzo, Miller
V58 Video Library Freehand Design Melinda Neist
V59 Video Library Advanced Stenciling Peggy Decker
V60 Video Library Norwegian Santa Gloria Koskey
V61 Video Library Wall Glazing Phillip Myer, Andy Jones
V62 Video Library Santa Face Study Janet Reigel
V63 First Snow Mary Owens
NIV1 VQDP, Vol. 1, No. 1 Cavin, Albrecht, Clarke
NIV2 VQDP, Vol. 1, No. 2 Pipka, Lawton, Barrick
NIV3 VQDP, Vol. 1 No. 4 Lange, McKinzie, Waterson
NIV4 VQDP, Vol. 2, No. 1 West. Jeglic, Jackson
NIV5 VQDP, Vol. 2, No. 2 White/Janvrin, Leisure, Harris
NIV6 VQDP, Vol 2, No.3 Harrington, Nelson, Ciccoiella
NIV7 VQDP, Vol 2, No. 4 Ciccoletta, Harrington, Jackson, West, Jeglic
NIV81 Pine Tree Lane Sharon Buononato
NIV80 Mabry Mill in Autumn Sharon Buononato
DVD-1 Floating Techniques Volumn #1 Patricia Rawlinson
DVD-2 Lace Techniques Volume #2 Patricia Rawlinson
DVD-4 Dry Brush Techniques Volume #4 Patricia Rawlinson
DVD-5 How to Paint Lettering Volume #5 Patricia Rawlinson
DVD-6 Paint a Floorcloth Volume #6 Patricia Rawlinson
DVD-7 Paint on Glass Volumn #8 Patricia Rawlinson
DVD-8 Design a Project Volumn #11 Patricia Rawlinson
DVD-9 Mixing it Up -Color Discovery Vol.#12 Patricia Rawlinson
DVD-10 100 Tips & Tricks Volumn #13 Patricia Rawlinson
DVD-11 Grist Mill Mark Polomchak
DVD-12 Dock and Boat Mark Polomchak
DVD-13 Tuscan Geranium Patricia Rawlinson

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